Knowledge is the key to providing each individual with the opportunity to create a successful life and to meet the challenges our society faces.

We can establish more inclusive and competitive society by investing in knowledge focused on well-being and innovative solutions to social challenges. High quality in education and research is therefore important for a well-functioning career path and for a continuous steady growth of the Norwegian welfare society.

Therefore, the FURIM Institute is committed to make a social impact by developing innovative solutions.

Meeting the major societal changes that we are facing is the rationale for the renewal of the education system and our approach to the training. In the professional renewal, we have, among other things, emphasized that citizens should have better opportunities to immerse themselves, precisely because in-depth learning provides competencies that it is crucial to have in the face of change.

In-depth knowledge and experience are never outdated if you are able to apply the knowledge in new areas. In the future, change will not be a one-time exercise, but a normal state. Learning how to acquire constantly new knowledge and skills through a lifetime becomes vital.

Human welfare depends on whether material conditions provide the opportunity for participation, social contact and consciousness of being heard. A prosperous community can thus be characterized to a large extent by its social, economic, political, psychological and cultural commonalities as well as how favorable the circumstances are. Sport, in our opinion, cannot be seen apart from the society. Sport’s contribution to the community is great, as it plays a vital role in many people’s lives. Sport, on a national level, incorporates to belonging, pride and a sense of community, at the same time, sport naturally and intuitively serves to numerous of society’s goals by its development.

It is fundamental for us to select the support of lifelong learning through education and the personal and professional well-being of the population as our main sectors. In this way, the Institute attempts to contribute to sustainable development, social cohesion, innovation and promotion of an active lifestyle.

Inclusion and Diversity, Digitalization, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Skill development and Career guidance are overarching priorities that characterize the activities of the FURIM Institute.


“We have the knowledge and experience to find the solutions you need to move forward. "

Gorsie Beller
Founder, CPA, AICIP, Quickbooks ProAdvisor

Main activities

  • Collecting the empirical evidence to adapt and influence future social intervention decisions (policies, practices, and programs).
  • Launching, testing, sharing and implementation of new forms of non-formal learning methods, tools, practices and materials
  • Development of skills and competences acquired through formal, non-formal and informal learning.
  • Development of curriculum/syllabus for formal and non-formal education organizations
  • Multilateral initiatives enhancing entrepreneurial mindsets and skills in order to promote inclusivity and entrepreneurship.
  • Creating and developing networks between organizations.