Start Now+

We change the health education of young people

The purpose of the project START NOW+ are development of educational tools for public health and exchange of good practices in child welfare education.

START NOW+ uses funding worth 89 770,00 EUR received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the Funds EEA.

Main goals

1. development of educational tools for public health of youth (based on the non-formal education modules).

2. development and implement safety standards in education based on child welfare education (quality standards in the form of QNEC Certificate).



–  supplementing the educational offer with aspects of inclusive education (the QNEC)

– improving the health competences of young people, in particular groups with fewer opportunities (the Modules)

– implementing security standards in education (the QNEC)

– incorporating new technologies (the mobile app)

– developing pedagogical innovations (the Modules)

– promoting equal opportunities for men and women (the Modules and the QNEC)

– promote the principles of “child welfare education” in Poland (the QNEC)



The Education Programme uses funds from Donor States: Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway within the framework of the European Economic Area. The aim of the Program is to reduce economic and social differences between States within the EEA and to strengthen relations between Poland and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway in the field of education. 


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During training in Poland, where experts from our country and partner country will conduct classes, we plan to train 14 educators in the effective use of modules, so that later, in the “local stages” of the project, our multipliers could carry out promotional and disseminating activities – workshops, city games which will allow us to reach young people. During the training, participants will learn the principles of operation and working methods in formal education, experts from Norway will conduct a session on education that cares about the general well-being of children and young people, in addition, participants will be able to share experiences on public health in both countries.

In the project, we also focus on awarding organizations and institutions that promote “child welfare” in their activities, an international QNEC certificate whose standards we will create based on good practices of Norwegian organizations.
A very important factor that will allow us to reach a wide range of recipients not only in our countries, but also throughout Europe, will be online activities – social media profiles, our website and newsletters will provide knowledge and curiosities in the areas covered by the project. All decisions introducing the next stages of the project will be made jointly during 5 international partner meetings organized both in Poland and Norway. During these meetings, we will also evaluate existing activities, which will ensure effective implementation and regular checking of the success level of achieving the goals of our project.

Project Outputs

An update of the educational tools (10 modules)

Guide (10 ‘old’ modules + 10 ‘new’ modules + intro)

QNEC certification policy implementation


The Education Programme uses funds from Donor States: Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway within the framework of the European Economic Area.

  • inclusive education,
  • management in the education sector,
  • developing a quality culture in the education sector, including internal quality assurance systems,
  • development and promotion of the VET sector, taking into account the dual teaching system and cooperation of vocational education institutions with employers,
  • development of vocational guidance,
  • education regarding the child welfare education system.