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Parent-coach Relationships In Coach Education (PRICE)


PRICE is a project about enhancing coach-parent relationships in Youth Sports and how can football coaches/managers of clubs around Europe can develop support strategies for parents.

The main problem identified by the members of our collaborative partnership is the poor relationship of clubs and coaches with parents. Our project’s aim is to promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development of coaches in their relationship with parents. This project was initiated by the School of Coaches “Ioan Kunst Ghermănescu” (IKG) in partnership with a local football club in Romania, as a result of the club’s (ProSport Bucharest Football Academy) daily observations on the behavior of parents who bring their children to football:  they often give verbal instructions to their children during the training, they bring offenses to their child, to the coach or other players etc. Our project’s topic addresses the objectives and priorities of this action of Erasmus+ Sport Programme

Collaborative Partnership