Move To Improve


MTI is the Small Collaborative Partnership project that aims:


– to promote social inclusion, equal opportunities, and awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity through grassroots sports for underprivileged youth,

– to promote voluntary activities in sport.



  • Underprivileged youth (aged 18-30), Participating in the Sports Camp will:

– Learn new sports techniques at grassroots level, as well as sports history;

– Be encouraged to look over their physical activity, take on grassroots sports on a constant basis, and follow a healthy lifestyle;

– Be inspired to pursue sports volunteering and be active citizens in their communities

– Embrace social inclusion, equal opportunities and access to sport for all;

– Develop in multicultural environment, learn new languages and communication techniques;

– Increase teamwork skills, fair play, tolerance, lower xenophobia and racism;

– Be motivated to pursue careers in sports.

Target Group


  • Youth willing to volunteer in sports initiatives and use their skills in a multicultural environment, or simply participate in sports camps across the EU;
  • Other youth & sports organisations in project partner countries (and later on across Europe);
  • Youth, sport volunteers and organisations, as well as general public across the project countries will also increase awareness of the importance of social inclusion, equal opportunities and health-enhancing physical activity through increased participation in, and equal access to, sport for all.


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Sports Camp for Underprivileged Youth

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